The Stingray is a magnificent creature. Its coloring permits it to stay hidden on the ocean floor; its remarkable form has been admired for centuries. It adapts to its environment, maneuvering gracefully through the water; but with electrical sensors that can warn of hidden dangers. It can be gentle, yet powerful. This symbol of protection is the paradigm for StingRay Shields — the most fashion-forward and health-conscious case-system on the market today.

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The StingRay Shields Case-System and Shield Antenna were designed by a team of engineers to reduce the absorbed radiation emitted by a wireless device. This radiation is measured by the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), which is the level of the rate of RF (radiofrequency) energy absorption by the body from the source being measured — such as a cell phone.

Our patented technology encompasses three functional, yet slim, pieces: a redirection antenna; a shock absorbing inner case; and, a solid structural outer case.

The System and Shield Antenna work on the principle of targeted attenuation. It combines the physics of attenuation that causes the gradual loss of radio waves by passing them through a medium (much like sunlight is attenuated by dark glasses) with the process of redirecting these waves to a safer location. This is accomplished by our unique case antenna, which is comprised of several proprietary elements. The (grounding) antenna gathers the radiation produced by the internal antennas on the phone and redirects it away from the user's head and hand and out the side and top of the device, achieving a lower specific absorbed radiation than a device without the antenna. As a result, scientific studies on the StingRay Shields Case-System and Shield Antenna have validated a reduction based upon the FCC safe operating limits of as high as 96% in the Specific Absorption Rate of RF radiation and, likewise, in the majority of emissions that would otherwise be transferred to the cell phone user's body.

This "redirection" also aids in decreasing the power needed to transmit and receive from the cell tower by eliminating the interference your body causes.

Depending on your proximity to the tower, by reducing the necessary transmission power it may in turn PROLONG THE BATTERY LIFE and INCREASE THE SIGNAL STRENGTH of your electronic device. This is of added importance because weak reception requires your phone to emit more radiation, which leads to stronger radio waves that can produce added exposure.

Constructed with strong, high quality and lightweight materials, the cases consist of two units for GREATER DURABILITY. The inner case and the outer case of the system serve two purposes: one is to house the redirecting antenna; the second is to protect the phone from impact and/or damage brought about from everyday use. The inner case is made from a shock absorbing material which will compress and absorb an impact, and help prevent it from transferring to the wireless device and causing damage. The outer case is made from a high durometer material. This component provides clamping pressure and a structural form to mount the inner case and antenna to the wireless device, as well as additional structural support.

The StingRay Shields Case-System has met U.S. Military Drop Test Standards, from as high as 6 feet onto a concrete floor. This DURABILITY, combined with our advanced technology and sophisticated styling, makes our StingRay Shields products the ultimate in mobile device protection.

Trim Profile

Clamping Pressure Mounts

Soft Matte Texture

Ergonomic Comfort Grip

Tough and Scratch Resistant

Intechangeable Accent Plate

StingRay Metal Emblem

Clear Diamond Finish Frame

Lightweight Protection

Grounding Antenna

Attenuation Path

Impact Resistant Shock
Absorbing Core


The StingRay Shields Case-System and Shield Antenna are HOMEGROWN. Our concept was conceived in San Diego, engineered in Los Angeles, relies on technology built in the Silicon Valley, has components manufactured in a solar-powered facility in Southern California, and showcases the designing skills of several American artisans.

StingRay Shields shares a special relationship with charitable causes. We were born from the desire to prevent cancer and other maladies related to cellular device usage. Each Case-System purchased from the StingRay Shields collection will yield a charitable donation towards cancer research.